I received my scientific education at the University of Illinois studying Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mathematics. I also honed my creative skills pursuing glass sculpture in the art department during grad school. Upon leaving college I joined the aerospace & defense industry working for Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems (formerly Hughes Aircraft Corporation) where we built the worlds most advanced radar and electro-optic remote sensing systems. I became a respected researcher, data analyst, and algorithm developer for radar detection, target ID, and electronic warfare. Simulation and modeling were included in my expertise as we use several areas of mathematics for programming computers to detect, identify, and track targets. Radars dispense an immense quantity of data that contains targets hidden in a noisy environment. The signal processing methods used to find targets imbedded in noise are quite similar to detecting a profitable trade.

         My father was an excellent economist and could best be described as a cross between a classic value investor and long term market timer with no patience for significant risk. After obtaining a thorough education in technical trading, options, and market psychology, I became obsessed with researching trading algorithms. I began applying to the financial markets, the quantitative skills that I learned while working for some of the defense industry’s highest regarded researchers. When I completed a seasonality study on the equity markets, I was surprised to see significant results that impacted my trading performance. I was surprised when I learned that most of the traders I studied were correct when they said “It is the simple things that work the best.”

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Brad Okresik
Marina del Rey, CA